Arun – 750iL Individual

ukVIN: WBAGJ02000DD63531
 Production Date: 2000-07-13
 Exterior Color: SONDERLACKIERUNG (490) - 
Avus Blue Metallic (276)
 Interior Color: SONDERPOLSTERUNG (Z1XX) - 
Champagne Nappa Leather | Tobago Blue Nappa Leather Piping

Individual Data:

Sign "BMW individual" 

0490 Color

Paintwork "avusblue-metallic" (code 276)

Z1XX Upholstery

Individual Collection: Volleder in Indivdiual Collectionsfarben
Innenausstattung Volleder Nappa champagner (Nr. 2 237 193)
Umfang P1
Quilting yarn champagne (2 237 192), code 0671 Z.
Sewing thread champagne (nb. 2 237 191), no. 0671 Z
Leather piping in Nappa tobagoblau (arrangement as standard piping)
(Nr. 9 064 555)
Seam of front and rear seats according to standard option
leather Nappa (cross-seam)
Plastic parts of seats in black
Velour floor mats in anthracite  with trim
in Nappa champagne (2 237 193)
>Delivery of the floor mats of ZS-F-51<
Restliche Innenausstattung wie bei Volleder Montana schwarz,
Schl.-Nr. N8SW.

0944 Nachträglicher Umbau durch ZS

Telefon-Bedienhoerer vorne beledert in Nappa champagner
(Nr. 2 237 193)
TV/Video system with DVD-player, TV sceens in the
headrests of frontseats, two headphones and remote control
(boot mounted DVD player on left side, E39 on parcel shelf).
Replacement from ZS.
TV / DVD : countrycode 2