Anthony – 750iL

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VIN: WBAGJ02020DD63031 Production Date: 1998-10-01  Exterior Color: COSMOSSCHWARZ METALLIC (303) Interior Color: SOFTLEDER/GRAU (P1TT) Additional Comments: Lovely car to drive my second such 7 series; No modifications multiple owners (I am the 4th) but well looked after; refurbed transmission just put it in.

Mick – 730iL

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VIN: WBAGJ22080DG94563 Production Date: 1995-09-19  Exterior Color: ARKTISSILBER METALLIC (309) Interior Color: STANDARDLEDER/GRAU (N6TT) Additional Comments: Ive had the car 7 years milage is 293.000ks I bought it from a luxury car dealer from Melbourne, it was his wifes car, originally it was an import from the UK No real mods other than muffler delete […]

Greg – 735i Individual

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VIN: WBAGG42020DA95314 Production Date: 2001-04-11 Exterior Color: SONDERLACKIERUNG (490) – Carbon Black Metallic (416) Interior Color: STANDARDLEDER/SCHWARZ (N6SW) Additional Comments: 1. Engine swap, as the old 3.5 was leaking oil and in need of an overhaul at about 200,000kms, decided to do an engine swap, put in a new rebuilt 4.6is engine together with the Alpina 4.6ECU […]

Matt – 740iL (Sold)

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VIN: WBAGH82080DB39062 Production Date: 1998-10-27 Exterior Color: ORIENTBLAU METALLIC (317) Interior Color: SOFTLEDER/GRAU (N9TT) Additional Comments: Bought in Feb last year [2014], the car was a one-owner with full service history and 125,000km (now 147,000km). It came with all the standard Aussie face-lift gear (nappa, double glazing, xenons, nav, etc) but it looks as though the first owner had […]