Matt – 740iL (Sold)

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VIN: WBAGH82080DB39062 Production Date: 1998-10-27 Exterior Color: ORIENTBLAU METALLIC (317) Interior Color: SOFTLEDER/GRAU (N9TT) Additional Comments: Bought in Feb last year [2014], the car was a one-owner with full service history and 125,000km (now 147,000km). It came with all the standard Aussie face-lift gear (nappa, double glazing, xenons, nav, etc) but it looks as though the first owner had […]

Mario – 740iL Individual

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VIN: WBAGH82040DB39222 Production Date: 1999-10-11 Exterior Color: SONDERLACKIERUNG (490) –  Scarab Green Metallic (444) Interior Color: SONDERPOLSTERUNG (Z1XX) –  Ecru Nappa Leather | English Green Nappa Leather Piping Additional Comments: Built October 1999 & delivered to Australia February 2000. Ordered with rare individual colour ‘Scarab green’ which at the time was a rare option for E38’s […]

Jacob – 735i

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VIN: WBAGG42060DA96434 Production Date: 2000-11-14  Exterior Color: TITANSILBER METALLIC (354) Interior Color: STANDARDLEDER/SCHWARZ (N6SW) Additional Comments: Totally factory original vehicle, lots of preventative maintenance/over maintained, all genuine parts used, an awesome and totally reliable daily driver and long haul cruiser for Melbourne to Sydney trips.

Tim – 740iL Individual

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VIN: WBAGH82060DB39464 Production Date: 2001-04-19 Exterior Color: ORIENTBLAU METALLIC (317) Interior Color: SONDERPOLSTERUNG (Z1XX) –  Cream White Nappa Leather | Navy Blue Nappa Piping Individual Data: Sign “BMW individual” Z1XX Upholstery Individual Collection: Volleder in Indivdiual Collectionsfarben Innenausstattung Volleder Nappa cremeweiss (Nr. 2 423 379) Umfang N9 zuzueglich Tuertafel, Rahmen Tuer unten, Griffleiste Klappfach vorne, Klappfach […]