E38s accounted for by model code & VIN

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Comprehensive list of cars accounted for, by model code and serial number. 725tds Pre-Facelift & Facelift (M51D25TU) 728i Pre-Facelift (M52B28) 728i Pre-Facelift (M52TUB28) 728iL Pre-Facelift (M52B28) 728iL Facelift (M52TUB28) 730d Facelift (M57D30) 730i Pre-Facelift 730iL Pre-Facelift 735i Pre-Facelift (M62B35) 735i Facelift (M62TUB35) 735iL Pre-Facelift (M62B35) 735iL Facelift (M62TUB35) 740d Facelift (M67D40 / M67TUD40) 740i Pre-Facelift (M60B40) 740i […]