Individual Options (940 & 944)

The E38 7 series was available with hundreds of options through the BMW Individual Program,
both with codes 940/S940/S940A/SA940 and 944/S944/S944A/SA944.
This is a non-exhaustive list of them.

In addition to paint code 490 (Special Paint/Sonderlackierung) and uphosltery code Z1XX (Special Upholstery/Sonderpolsterung), many additional options could be ordered through BMW’s customization program. Currently called ‘BMW Individual Manufaktur’, it used to be simply named ‘BMW Individual’. These options would appear on the build sheet in two ways.

“S940A – Sonderwunsch Ausstattung – Special Equipment BMW Individual”. This denoted special-order options that could be added as ‘off-the-shelf’ components, which usually had part numbers. For example, wheels from a different vehicle, special wood trim, or the rear refrigerator.

“S944A – Nachtr√§glicher Umbau Durch ZS – Subsequent Conversion by ZS”. This denoted handcrafted options that required special labour by the relevant internal department, often without part numbers. Examples include rear swivel tables, rear TV system with VHS, and the glass divider partition (on L7s).