Links & Resources

Useful Websites: – The definitive source for E38 DIYs and other info. Most of the links still work; it’s an invaluable resource.

E38 Section @ – Tons of useful info and threads.

E38 Forum (Netherlands) – In Dutch; administered by Edwin R., who is one of the most knowledgeable E38 owners out there. Check out the associated Facebook group, BMW E38 Forum.

BMW 7-Forum (Germany) – In German; very large community dedicated to all generations of 7-series.

BimmerBoard – One of the oldest BMW forums. The layout is based on old BBS-style message boards, but it’s the forum with by far the most information. Excellent resource!

MaxBimmer – Canada’s Largest BMW forum, and where there is an awesome thread called “BMW Production Data“. Post the last 7 of the VIN, and if you have a NA-spec BMW, SickFinga can give you in-depth details about how unique your BMW is!

Facebook Groups:

BMW E38 Enthusiasts

BMW E38 Forum

BMW E38 7’ers

BMW E38 Club of Australia

BMW E38s Australia

E38 UK Owners Club

PDF Files:

AC Schnitzer S7 Brochure

Special Thanks:

Jose Cid, Tim Harley, and Tom “wuffer” Carter, who gave me the ideas and inspiration necessary to start this project

SickFinga @ MaxBimmer

Darren H. @ BMW E38 Enthusiasts

and everyone else who’s contributed morsels of information!