Z1XX – Leder Montana Schwarz | Keder Chateau | Highline Anthrazit (P4/P5)

Black Montana Leather with Chateau Nappa Leather Piping (P4/P5)

Special Series – E38 ZD C-4 V1, KA61 – Highline Anthrazit

This was one of several Special Series packages offered around the world. It was only available on facelift E38s produced for the German market.

It has the following main features:

Exterior color in Anthracite Metallic (397)

Interior upholstery in Black Montana Leather with Chateau Nappa Leather Piping, and P4/P5 sewing pattern.

Anthracite velour floor mats with Chateau Nappa Leather trim

Steering wheel with lower portion in Chateau Nappa Leather

Anthracite Birch wood trim.

The rest of the interior was either N8SW (V12 models) or N6SW (non-V12 models).

19 E38s were produced with this package, through BMW Individual.

Model: 725tds 728i Pre-Facelift 728i Facelift 728iL Pre-Facelift 728iL Facelift 730d 730i
Code: GE01 GE91 GE11 GE21 GE22 GE31 GE41 GE42 GH21 GH41 GE61 GF11 GF21 GF22
Produced:  –  –  –  – 1  –  – 8  –  –  –
Model: 730iL 735i Pre-Facelift 735i Facelift 735iL Pre-Facelift 735iL Facelift 740d 740i Pre-Facelift M60
Code: GJ11 GJ21 GJ22 GF31 GF41 GF42 GG41 GG42 GJ41 GJ42 GH61 GH62 GE81 GF51 GF61 GF62 GF63
Produced:  –  –  –  – 1  – 4  –  –
Model: 740i Pre-Facelift M62 740i Facelift 740iL Pre-Facelift M60 740iL Pre-Facelift M62 740iL Facelift 750i Pre-Facelift 750i Facelift
Code: GF71 GF81 GF82 GF83 GG81 GG82 GG83 GJ51 GJ61 GJ62 GJ63 GJ81 GJ82 GJ83 GH81 GH82 GH83 GG21 GG22 GG01 GG02
Produced:  –  –  – 4  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  – 2
Model: 750iL Pre-Facelift 750iL Facelift 750iLS Pre-Facelift‡ 750iLS Facelift‡ 740iLP‡ 750iLP‡ L7 Pre-Facelift
Code: GK21 GK22 GK23 GJ01 GJ02 GJ03 GK41 GK42 GK01 GK02 GH01 GH03 GK91 GK93 GK61 GK62
Produced:  – N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A  –
Model: L7 Facelift Alpina B12 5.7† Alpina B12 6.0†
Code: GK81 GK82 BC57 BC60
Produced:  –

– Alpina B12 stats are also included under their respective 750i/750iL codes, and may be innacurate due to Alpina-specific production alterations not reflected on the original BMW build sheets.

– Individual data for armored vehicles is not usually available, as BMW vigorously guards the details and privacy of the original owners. The same applies to pre-production, press vehicles, and VIP-ordered E38s (such as the ones used by Buckingham Palace).

Hinweisschild BMW Individual


E38 ZD C-4 V1, KA61
Variante 1 "Highline anthrazit"

Z1XX Upholstery

Upholstery leather Montana black (nb. 8 171 304)
Quilting yarn black (1 963 800), code 0020.
Sewing thread black (1 905 499), code 0020 as standard
Rear panel of front seat backs in plastic black
Leather piping in Nappa chateau (arrangement as standard piping)
(nb. 2 423 377)
Nahtbild der Sitze vorne und hinten wie P4/P5
Plastic parts of seats in black
Velours floor mats anthracite with trim in
nappa chateau (2 423 377)
>Delivery of the floor mats of ZS-F-51<
Remainder of spec. as standard leather Montana black (code N6SW)

0940 Sonderwunschausstattung

Steering wheel in leather walknappa black (1 938 942),
lower part (including M-Emblem) in walknappa chateau (2 423 377),
Quilting yarn chateau (2 272 102), code 2355A.
Wood trim birch anthrazit, 0690
(decorcover of steering wheel with option 255 in softpaint black)