Z1XX – Leder Nappa Sepia Dunkel | Keder Sepia Hell | Taiwan Highline (N9/P1)

Light Silver Grey Nappa Leather with Black Nappa Leather Piping (N9/P1)

Special Series – Taiwan Highline

This was one of several Special Series packages offered around the world. It was only available on the Taiwan-spec 728i, 735i, and 735iL Facelift.

It has the following main features:

Interior upholstery in Dark Sepia Nappa Leather with Light Sepia Nappa Leather Piping (N9/P1)

Door armrests, airbag inserts, and rear panel of front seats in Dark Sepia Grey Nappa Leather

Anthracite velour floormats trimmed with Light Sepia Nappa Leather

Steering wheel in Black Nappa Leather with lower portion in Light Sepia Nappa Leather

The rest of the interior was N6SW.

18 E38s were produced with this package and upholstery (N9/P1), through BMW Individual.