(For Sale) – 740i Individual – DN78425

VIN: WBAGG8343YDN78425
Production Date: 1999-09-13
Exterior Color: SONDERLACKIERUNG (490) - 
Imola Red (405)
Interior Color: SONDERPOLSTERUNG (Z1XX) - 
Natural Modena Nappa Leather | Imola Red II Nappa Leather Piping

Individual Vehicle Data

Sign BMW individual

Special Series

E38 Limited Edition - Canada

0490 Color

Paintwork "imola red", code no. 405

Z1XX Upholstery

Individual Collection: Volleder in Indivdiual Collectionsfarben
Innenausstattung Volleder Walknappa modena natur (Nr. 2 278 429)
Umfang P4
zuzueglich Tuertafel, Rahmen Tuer unten, Griffleiste Klappfach
vorne, B-Saeule unten
Quilting yarn modena (2 278 783), code 0842 B.
Sewing thread modena (2 278 784), code 0842 B.
Leather piping in Nappa imola red II
(arrangement as standard piping), (nb. 7 894 371)
Nahtbild der Sitze vorne und hinten wie P4/P5
Plastic parts of seats in black
Remainder of spec. as standard leather Montana black (code N6SW)

For Sale as of February 2019.