Greg – 735i Individual

ausVIN: WBAGG42020DA95314
 Production Date: 2001-04-11
 Exterior Color: SONDERLACKIERUNG (490) - 
Carbon Black Metallic (416)
 Additional Comments:
 1. Engine swap, as the old 3.5 was leaking oil and in need of an overhaul at about 200,000kms, decided to do an engine swap, put in a new rebuilt 4.6is engine together with the Alpina 4.6ECU and gearbox control ECU.
 2. Swapped E60 M5 brakes for the standard items.
 3. Swapped sport seats for sport comfort seats.
 4. Upgraded to 16:9 and Mk4 sat nav together with CD changer delete and USB Android adaptor which allows MP3 compatibility. Upgraded sound system to DSP sound system.
 5. Installed rear blinds together with double glazed glass.
 6. Currently in the works are an M5 steering box retrofit into the orginal E38 steering box housing.
 7. Swapped old sport steering for newer paddleshfit wheel from E46 M3 SMG with full functionality.
 8. Rebuilt gearbox and entire suspension system using lowtec shocks and all new tie rods and arms and bushes.
 9. 20" starspoke 87 rim swap with spacers for correct fitment.
 10. Upgraded exhaust system.
 11. Also have just purchased a retrofit kit for a hydraulic boot opener.
 12. Upgraded angel eye led headlights with HID function. Originals just HID.
 13. Genuine M5 mirrors.

Individual Vehicle Data:

 Sign "BMW individual"
 0490 Color

 paintwork "carbon black-metallic", as code 416
 including hang on parts.

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