L7EC – Leder Nappa Ecrue/Marineblau (P4/P5)

– Ecru Nappa Leather with Navy Blue Nappa Leather Piping (P4/P5) –

This upholstery code was used in the non-Individual US-Market Highline models (2000-2001 740iL & 1999-2001 750iL). Starting in 02/2000, this upholstery code was used on both the V12 and V8 models, even though the V12 has a full leather interior, and the V8 does not. Additionally,there was no differentiation in the upholstery code of seam patterns, since the production of the 740iL with this upholstery code started on 03/2000. Both the one used on the Comfort seats (N9/P1) and the one used in the Contour seats (P4/P5) use the same upholstery code; compare with P1SW and P5SW, for an example of how the seam pattern affects the upholstery code on cars produced before 02/2000.

For the purpose of production numbers, we have separated the production stats of this upholstery code with N9/P1 seam pattern and P4/P5 seam pattern.

11 E38s with this upholstery code and seam pattern (P4/P5) were produced.


Part: Dashboard Door Card (Top) Door Card (Main) Door Card (Armrest) Door Card (Insert) Seating Surface Front Seat Back Center Console & Lower Dashboard Headliner Carpet
Color: Navy Blue Navy Blue Navy Blue Ecru Ecru Ecru with Navy Blue Piping Ecru Blue Pearlbeige Navy Blue
Material: Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl Leather Leather Leather Leather Vinyl Felt Carpet