Matt – 740iL (Sold)

ausVIN: WBAGH82080DB39062
 Production Date: 1998-10-27
 Exterior Color: ORIENTBLAU METALLIC (317)
 Interior Color: SOFTLEDER/GRAU (N9TT)
 Additional Comments:
 Bought in Feb last year [2014], the car was a one-owner with full service history and 125,000km (now 147,000km). It came with all the standard Aussie face-lift gear (nappa, double glazing, xenons, nav, etc) but it looks as though the first owner had the dealer fit a rear entertainment pack (TEAC screen with VCR in the boot/trunk which plays via remote). I've done a bunch of upgrades but key ones would be the M Pars, M steering wheel, clears, upgraded Nav, and gloss black wrap for the wood trim. Car was "2001 colour coded" by the previous owner too.

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