Otto – 750iL Individual

ukVIN: WBAGJ02050DD63346
 Production Date: 1999-09-13
 Exterior Color: SONDERLACKIERUNG (490) - 
Orinoco Metallic (406)
 Interior Color: SONDERPOLSTERUNG (Z1XX) - 
Nappa Silbergrau Dunkel | Piping Petrol
 Additional Comments:
 Currently on Ac Schnitzer type2 18". Some Ac S body kits!

Individual Vehicle Data

Sign "BMW individual"

0490 Color
Paintwork "orinoco-metallic" (code 406)

Z1XX Upholstery
Innenausstattung Volleder Nappa silbergrau dunkel (Nr. 2 252 989)
Umfang P1
Quilting yarn dark silver grey (8 190 386), no. 0129 Z
Sewing thread dark silvergrey (8 190 389), code 0129 Z.
Leather piping in Nappa petrol (arrangement as standard piping)
(nb.2 275 508)
Seam of front and rear seats according to standard option
leather Nappa (cross-seam)
Plastic parts of seats in black
Restliche Innenausstattung wie bei Volleder Montana schwarz,
Schl.-Nr. N8SW.

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