Special Series – E38 Middle East “Fashion Edition”

This was one of several Special Series packages offered around the world. It was only available on the Middle East-spec 740iL Facelift.

It has the following main features:

Exterior Color in Aspen Silver Metallic (339) on the top half of the car, and Mora Metallic (359) on the bottom half

Deco-Line pinstripe in Dark Silver

Interior upholstery in Cassis Nappa Leather with Lavender Grey Nappa Leather Piping (N9/P1)

Door cards, door armrests, airbag inserts, rear panel of front seats, and shift boot in Cassis Nappa Leather

Piping in Lavender Grey Nappa Leather

Carpet and velour floormats in Cassis Velour

Dashboard and upper door cards in leatherette as in the 750i and 750iL

Mini fridge with glass cups

Wood trim in Yew Club

Two-tone steering wheel with upper and lower sections in Cassis Nappa Leather and rest in Black Nappa Leather

Tissue boxes in lower rear door pockets (both sides)

Headrests with “Haute Couture” embossed in the leather

The rest of the interior was N6SW.

25 E38s were produced with this specification, through BMW Individual.