Z1XX – Leder Nappa Lemon | Keder Englischgruen (N9/P1)

Lemon Nappa Leather with English Green Piping (N9/P1)


7 E38s were produced through BMW Individual with this upholstery.

Sample Individual Vehicle Data:

Sign "BMW individual"

Z1XX Upholstery

Individual Collection: Volleder in Indivdiual Collectionsfarben
Innenausstattung Volleder Nappa lemon (Nr. 2 275 507)
Umfang P1
Quilting yarn lemon (2 276 336), code 0650 B.
Sewing thread lemon (2 276 337), code 0650 B.
Leather piping in Nappa englishgreen (8 174 063)
arrangement as standard piping
Seam of front and rear seats according to standard option
leather Nappa (cross-seam)
Plastic parts of seats in englishgreen
Restliche Innenausstattung wie bei Volleder Montana englischgruen,
Schl.Nr. N8EG