Z1XX – Leder Nappa Maulbeere | Keder Amethyst (N9/P1)

Mulberry Nappa Leather with Amethyst Nappa Leather Piping (N9/P1)


8 E38s were produced through BMW Individual with this upholstery.

Sample Individual Vehicle Data:

Sign "BMW individual"

Z1XX Upholstery

Innenausstattung Volleder Nappa maulbeere (Nr. 2 260 396)
Umfang P1
Quilting yarn mulberry (2 268 423), code 1974 B.
Sewing thread maulbeere (Nr. 2 268 425), no. 1974 B
Keder in Nappa amethyst (Nr. 2 136 740), Anordnung wie Serie
Entfall Multifunktionskopfstuetzen vorne, Ablagetische,
Schreibboard und Klapptasche aus Schl.Nr. 462
Seam of front and rear seats according to standard option
leather Nappa (cross-seam)
Plastic parts of seats in black
Following items are in leather Nappa amethyst (nr. 2 136 740):
Hutablage (Ablegeboden hinten)
Quilting yarn amethyst (2 272 102), code 2355 A.
Nähfaden in amethyst, Farb-Nr. 2355 A
Carpet incl. lower door inserts and floor mats in
soft velour amethyst (7441)
Restliche Innenausstattung wie bei Volleder Montana schwarz,
Schl.-Nr. N8SW.