E38 Production Figures by Model – Summary

This page contains two tables: an overall production summary, by model/market, and another with specific production data that is often requested (how many US 740i Sports were produced, how many US 750iL Sports were produced, how many Alpina B12s were made, etc).

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[This link includes VIN ranges, yearly breakdowns (if applicable), and other interesting info for stats nerds like myself.]



EUR LHD - Left-hand drive models, non-US/Canada
EUR RHD - Right-hand drive models
IDN RHD - Right-hand drive models, shipped to Indonesia as a CKD for local assembly
MEX LHD - Left-hand drive models, shipped to Mexico as a CKD for local assembly
THA RHD - Right-hand drive models, shipped to Thailand as a CKD for local assembly
USA LHD - Left-hand drive models, for US/Canada


E38 Production Summary

ModelVersionCodeMarketEngineTotal Production
725tds, ManualPre-Facelift & FaceliftGE91EUR LHDM51TU3564
725tdsPre-Facelift & FaceliftGE01EUR LHDM51TU5489
728i, ManualPre-FaceliftGE11EUR LHDM523022
728iPre-FaceliftGE21EUR LHDM5217698
728iPre-FaceliftGE22EUR RHDM525451
728i, ManualFaceliftGE31EUR LHDM52TU640
728iFaceliftGE41EUR LHDM52TU7490
728iFaceliftGE42EUR RHDM52TU4646
728iLPre-FaceliftGH21EUR LHDM521915
728iLFaceliftGH41EUR LHDM52TU4901
730dFaceliftGE61EUR LHDM5712336
730i, ManualPre-FaceliftGF11EUR LHDM603659
730iPre-FaceliftGF21EUR LHDM6013374
730iPre-FaceliftGF22EUR RHDM602820
730i, CKDPre-Facelift & Facelift?GF25THA RHDM60663
730iL, ManualPre-FaceliftGJ11EUR LHDM6035
730iLPre-FaceliftGJ21EUR LHDM601278
730iLPre-FaceliftGJ22EUR RHDM60560
730iL, CKDPre-FaceliftGJ27EUR RHDM60264
735iPre-FaceliftGF31EUR LHDM62887
735iPre-FaceliftGF41EUR LHDM628611
735iPre-FaceliftGF42EUR RHDM623473
735iFaceliftGG41EUR LHDM62TU5410
735iFaceliftGG42EUR RHDM62TU3100
735iLPre-FaceliftGJ41EUR LHDM622897
735iLPre-FaceliftGJ42EUR RHDM62727
735iL, CKDPre-FaceliftGJ47IDN RHDM62239
735iLFaceliftGH61EUR LHDM62TU2709
735iLFaceliftGH62EUR RHDM62TU391
740dFaceliftGE81EUR LHDM673450
740i, ManualPre-FaceliftGF51EUR LHDM601884
740iPre-FaceliftGF61EUR LHDM6016718
740iPre-FaceliftGF62EUR RHDM605352
740iPre-FaceliftGF63USA LHDM609368
740i, ManualPre-FaceliftGF71EUR LHDM62486
740iPre-FaceliftGF81EUR LHDM6210515
740iPre-FaceliftGF82EUR RHDM624591
740iPre-FaceliftGF83USA LHDM6212680
740iFaceliftGG81EUR LHDM62TU7304
740iFaceliftGG82EUR RHDM62TU3202
740iFaceliftGG83USA LHDM62TU16747
740iL, ManualPre-FaceliftGJ51EUR LHDM601
740iLPre-FaceliftGJ61EUR LHDM602750
740iLPre-FaceliftGJ62EUR RHDM60741
740iLPre-FaceliftGJ63USA LHDM608911
740iLPre-FaceliftGJ81EUR LHDM624061
740iLPre-FaceliftGJ82EUR RHDM62751
740iLPre-FaceliftGJ83USA LHDM6235691
740iL, CKDPre-Facelift & Facelift?GJ85THA RHDM62128
740iL, CKDPre-FaceliftGJ87MEX LHDM6224
740iLFaceliftGH81EUR LHDM62TU3326
740iLFaceliftGH82EUR RHDM62TU490
740iLFaceliftGH83USA LHDM62TU34407
750iPre-FaceliftGG21EUR LHDM736589
750iPre-FaceliftGG22EUR RHDM73299
750iFaceliftGG01EUR LHDM73TU1558
750iFaceliftGG02EUR RHDM73TU113
750iLPre-FaceliftGK21EUR LHDM735237
750iLPre-FaceliftGK22EUR RHDM731793
750iLPre-FaceliftGK23USA LHDM734008
750iLFaceliftGJ01EUR LHDM73TU1585
750iLFaceliftGJ02EUR RHDM73TU651
750iLFaceliftGJ03USA LHDM73TU1803
740iL ProtectionFaceliftGH01EUR LHDM62TU111
740iL ProtectionFaceliftGH03USA LHDM62TU40
750iL ProtectionFaceliftGK91EUR LHDM73TU41
750iL ProtectionFaceliftGK93USA LHDM73TU44
750iL SecurityPre-FaceliftGK41EUR LHDM73232
750iL SecurityPre-FaceliftGK42EUR RHDM7321
750iL SecurityFaceliftGK01EUR LHDM73TU264
750iL SecurityFaceliftGK02EUR RHDM73TU80
L7 (750iXL)Pre-FaceliftGK61EUR LHDM73429
L7 (750iXL)Pre-FaceliftGK62EUR RHDM7333
L7 (750iXL)FaceliftGK81EUR LHDM73TU399
L7 (750iXL)FaceliftGK82EUR RHDM73TU38


E38 Special Interest Production Data

DescriptionVersionTypeTotal Produced
750iL SportFaceliftUSA LHD325
740i Sport, USAFaceliftUSA LHD9189
740i Sport, CanadaFaceliftUSA LHD590
750iL Individual, USAFaceliftUSA LHD17
750iL Individual, CanadaFaceliftUSA LHD2
750iL Individual, USAPre-FaceliftUSA LHD31
750iL Individual, CanadaPre-FaceliftUSA LHD11
Alpina B12 5.7, ShortPre-FaceliftEUR LHD132
Alpina B12 5.7, ShortPre-FaceliftEUR RHD8
Alpina B12 6.0, ShortFaceliftEUR LHD62
Alpina B12 6.0, ShortFaceliftEUR RHD7
Alpina B12 5.7, LongPre-FaceliftEUR LHD54
Alpina B12 5.7, LongPre-FaceliftEUR RHD4
Alpina B12 6.0, LongFaceliftEUR LHD19
Alpina B12 6.0, LongFaceliftEUR RHD4